Week Beginning 31 Oct 2021

St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell

Weekly Electronic Notices

Service (WENS)

Week beginning 31 October 2021-No 128

Pic by Paul Adams: Morning Rainbow


  • As per Fr Jobby’s email to parish last Friday, we are now able to meet at church for Sunday services (70 worshippers). Group activities will also resume in the coming weeks, but under strict guidelines and care.
  • If you are planning on attending Sunday services, please remember the following:
  • Bring your vaccination certificate. If your certificate has already been sighted and noted at a previous service, you will not need to do this again.
  • Check in via QR code on the Service Victoria app. Covid marshals will be around to help you should you need it.
  • Hand sanitise on entry and before receiving communion.
  • Minimise touching of surfaces.
  • Continue to wear masks indoors.
  • Continue to maintain a safe distance from one another.
  • Move outside directly after service ends.
  • Stay at home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Morning tea will remain on hold until further announcements.
  • Separate services for the vaccinated and unvaccinated (Covid 19) will be available. Please speak with Fr Jobby if you are unvaccinated  and would like to attend a service. If you are vaccinated, please ensure you have a digital or hard copy of your  vaccination certificate the first time you attend church. Once this certificate is sighted once, it will be recorded and you will not need to do this again.
  • Everyone on rostered duties will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid 19.


  • We have received notification that Rose Stanton has passed away recently. She had been living in an aged care facility in Eltham. Her funeral is at Le Pines in Eltham on Monday 1st November at 2.30pm.Rose was an active member of Mother’s Union and Caritas. She loved music and especially singing. She took singing lessons for years with former music director here at St Dunstans, Brian Copple.Rosemary had maintained contact for a while after Rose was too unwell to come to church but hadn’t been advised of Rose’s relocation to Eltham.
  • We will be having our pre-Christmas market this year. We are looking for trash and treasure items as well as books. So please start saving some items which you think may be useful. All donations will be accepted on the 27th November between 10-12. Please do not bring anything to church before this day.

There is a sign up sheet at the back of the church. Please have a look and see where you are able to help out on the day. Let’s make this a fantastic community event!

  • Thank you to Tim and Jenny for the wonderful music on Sundays. We are blessed!
  • Thursday morning services will resume on site from this week.
  • Next Sunday will be All Souls Day.
  • Parish Annual Meeting will take place on 14 November after the 9.30am service. Please mark this date in your diaries.
  • Please give prayerful consideration to standing for a role as a Parish Council Member, Church Warden or Incumbency Committee member. Your contributions matter enormously. If you have any questions, please see the vicar, church wardens or parish council members.
  • A reminder  from Max:
  • Thank you to those who have sent me their reports. I would be most grateful to have the remaining reports asap as I will need to collate, format and print prior to 7 November to give everyone a week to read. I will be way at the end of the month for a few days so time will be of the essence when I return on 2 November. Thank you.
  • The Beautifully Ordinary Photo Challenge.

This week’s picture comes from Paul Adams. Paul writes “ Here’s a photo I took last week on my early morning walk around Balwyn of a perfect rainbow. Captured around 7.30am”. One of the lovelier starts to any day, thanks for sharing Paul!

Please email your photos to tania.nallathamby@bigpond.com and don’t be shy. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just use your smart phones and capture the things that speak to you.

  • A small group of St Dunstan’s parishioners say Morning Prayer together via Zoom, at 9.15 am on Tuesdays. We share the leading, reading and intercessory roles. Week by week we pray for each member of the Parish. If you would like to join us please contact Trevor Blake by email at blakeandtaylor@gmail.com or on 0401 716 264.
  • Situation Vacant: A volunteer is needed to manage the various Registers we are required to maintain in relation to emergency services, OH&S, property inspections and the like. This is not to do with the inspections as such, but to keep us on the ball and follow up with the appropriate people. Please have a chat to John McKenzie if you can help with any of these positions.
  • Next week’s readings:

      Ruth 3.1-5; 4.3-17,  Ps 127, Hebrews 9.(19-22) 23-28;  Mark 12.38-44

  • Please continue to pray for each other.


Safe Ministry (formerly known as Child safety)

This area has been renamed Safe Ministry as it addresses safety for all people, this includes all children and vulnerable people.

As a result of much consultation Archbishop in Council has delivered new policies, procedures, documentation, training, administrative and legal requirements for all parishes to have in place as soon as is practicable, but essentially before  the end of February 2022.

Much work has been undertaken in the parish to date and we have kept everyone informed about this. It is now time to involve our volunteers on the next step of the compliance safety journey, beginning with parish council, then our other volunteers on our rosters.

So how does this affect you?

3 Safe Ministry Training courses

The courses offer basic level training for all clergy and lay position holders in the concepts of safe ministry and additional training for those people responsible for implementing Diocesan safe ministry requirements on the ground. If you are on rosters or hold a position in the parish then the training is for you. You will be able to claim a reimbursement for this from the parish.

There are three levels:

Safe Ministry Essentials (Level 1) 

This two hour online course if for all volunteers, eg. lawn mowers, readers, servers, welcomers, flower roster, silver polishers, craft group leaders etc etc.  All volunteers are asked to complete level 1. This is because the Safe Ministry training includes developing and awareness of diocesan policies and procedures relating to people protection. Once able to gather, we can have a small group of people doing the course together. This works for those who are not computer savvy or who don’t have a computer or good internet access. We hope to be able to do face to face training in the future as well as online training.

This training is available as an eTraining course via Openlearning.com


The cost for Level 1 is $20.  

Safe Ministry with Children and Young People (Level 2)

A two-hour course for all children and youth workers (lay and clergy) to develop awareness of Child Safety.  Level 2 training is for all those engaged in child-related roles.

Safe Ministry Implementation for Senior Leaders (Level 3)

A course for all clergy, Parish Council members, Child Safe Officers and Ministry Program Coordinators aimed at working through the implementation of Diocesan Safe Ministry Policy, Protocols and Procedures. Level 3 training is for all those involved in the implementations of safe ministry policies, protocols and procedures in parishes. This includes all clergy, parish council and wardens, child safety officers, and coordinators of ministry to children and youth.

This training will be offered via Zoom (details to provided soon). The cost for Level 3 is $15. 

We thank you wholeheartedly in anticipation of your support for this next step in our compliance journey. Maxine will send this information around via email to all parishioners on our register of volunteers who will need to undertake Level 1 or 3. She will be available to assist anyone who needs support to undergo this training which we are aiming to have done by the due date – 22 Feb 22.

Maxine Farrar.

  • Important Numbers:

Child Safe Officer: Ms Maxine Farrar 0408 311 390

Police: 000

Child Protection: 1300 360 391

Kooyoora: 1800 135 246

  • As part of our child safety priorities, we are required to make available the Kooyoora Mission Statement in our newsletter.

Kooyoora Ltd is an independent not for profit company that provides professional standards and other services to charities, including charities that are Anglican dioceses, entities, colleges and schools, to enable them more effectively to fulfil their charitable objectives. Their Vision is as follows:

            “Our Vision is to enable and manage–

            a fair and independent process for complaint handling and screening for participating organisations                tailored to their circumstances that –

            respects both complainants and respondents

            upholds the standards and integrity of the organization, and promotes the safety of children and adults             with whom the organization engages.

            schemes for participating institutions to provide redress through an

            independent survivor focused, trauma informed, pastoral and therapeutic process.

For more information, please visit https://www.kooyoora.org.au/


21 – 27 October

53rd Melbourne synod coverage

The Melbourne Anglican team has been banging away at their typewriters for the past two weeks to bring you all the news and developments from the 53rd Melbourne Synod. Held online for the first time due to covid-19 restrictions, the synod passed several pieces of legislation and motions that will shape the future of the diocese. But others didn’t make the cut. See our coverage here.

St Paul’s College opens doors to women after 165 years as male bastion

Sydney University’s all-male St Paul’s College, which was once renowned for its sexist culture, will open the doors of its undergraduate wing to women from 2023 despite opposition from some students and alumni.

The council of the 165-year-old college voted on the proposal on Monday night, saying that in order to “excel at forming the nation’s leaders” in the 21st century, it was important to include women.

Be bolder, Archbishop of Canterbury urges world leaders heading for COP26

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has warned that a failure to curb dangerous climate change risks driving severe conflict around the world, ahead of the COP26 UN climate summit being hosted by the UK from 31 October.

Dr Welby, who worked in the oil industry before being ordained, said the fossil fuel era was, and must be, coming to an end, but warned the transition away from coal, oil and gas had to be fair to poorer people in the UK and to those in developing countries.

Vax and unvax – a view from a Melbourne church

Presbyterian minister Neil Chambers recently gave a detailed response to how the church he leads will respond to Melbourne’s journey out of lockdown. Here, he urges each group, the vaccinated, unvaccinated, and the vulnerable to accept an imperfect solution. His church plans to re-open and hold one “vaccination status unknown” service (limited to 20 under the Victorian rules) as well as three larger services for “vaccinated only” when their state gets to the vaccinated target of 80 per cent 16 years and over.

The numbers are not adding up for the Church of England

The cash-strapped Anglican hierarchy in the UK must tread carefully as it rethinks the role of the traditional parish, opines a new Guardian editorial. Anglicans find themselves at a historic crossroads – obliged by dire financial circumstance and sparse congregations to rethink what the church is for, and where it should be.

There are growing fears that at next month’s General Synod, measures will be taken to make it easier to close hundreds of parish churches, drastically reduce numbers of “vicars on the beat” and sell off assets to raise funds.

Fired After Endorsing Vaccines, Evangelical Insider Takes a Leadership Role

Endorsing vaccines from an evangelical perspective cost Daniel Darling his job as spokesman for the National Religious Broadcasters, a largely conservative group of some 1,000 members employed in Christian media. The news exploded not just in evangelical circles but also into the mainstream media, giving Mr Darling a turn in the polarized news cycle that he had previously observed from the sideline.

But now he has been named the director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. The Southern Baptist seminary hopes that under Mr. Darling the center will help shape evangelical conversations on a wide spectrum of political and cultural issues, from bedrock evangelical issues like abortion and religious liberty, to technology, race and immigration.

Worried Christians ‘Wait and See’ After Sudan Coup

Sudan’s Christians are on high alert following a military coup on 25 October. Buoyed by recent religious freedom gains, they now wonder if the military junta led by General Abdel Fattah Burhan will wind back civil liberties. Sudan’s civilian government had won international praise for its promotion of religious freedom, removing Islam as the state religion, dropping the death penalty for apostasy, and even letting Christians march for Jesus in the capital. Sudanese Christians were greatly encouraged as changes moved their government away from the discriminatory practices of former dictator Omar al-Bashir’s regime.

For Afghan Hazaras, where to pray can be life and death choice

Hazaras have long been discriminated against in Afghanistan from a mix of factors, of which religion is just one. But while thousands died under the last Taliban government from 1996-2001, it was the appearance of Islamic State in Afghanistan from around the start of 2015 that made them and the wider Shi’ite community a systematic target. Many hundreds were killed in suicide attacks on mosques and community centres by hardline Sunni militants who do not see them as true Muslims. Although the Taliban have promised that all of Afghanistan’s ethnic groups will be protected, the killing has gone on since they seized power in August.

How some ‘Jewitches’ are embracing both Judaism and witchcraft

In both the modern witchcraft and Jewish communities, people are bringing together magic — often called witchcraft — and religious ritual. The ways in which these two seemingly distinct practices merge is often highly personal, depending on heritage, education and spiritual calling. Here, Religion News Service speaks to several women who feel the pull of both witchcraft and Judaism.

How proponents of bible-focused teaching overthrew a revered Principal

What’s the point of church-affiliated schools that don’t teach the church’s values? It’s been a long debate. In 1984, the elite Presbyterian Ladies College in Melbourne decided not to renew the contract of its celebrated headmistress Joan Montgomery, noted for her liberal and humanist approach to girls’ education.

Law academic and former PLC school captain Kim Rubenstein tells the story of the dispute, and the much bigger debate behind it, in her new book “The Vetting of Wisdom: Joan Montgomery and the Fight for PLC.” Here she speaks with the ABC’s Andrew West about the book.

Once again this year the Trinity College Theological School will be holding its usual seminar to prepare people for the Gospel and Bible readings for the year ahead.  We are asking if you would include an advertisement for this seminar in your weekly newsletter/pewsheet.  If you are able to do this could you cut and paste the following words for that purpose?

Proclaiming the Year of the Lord’s Favour: studies on readings from Year C

Saturday 6 November 2021 | 10.00am – 1.00pm | by Zoom

A half-day Zoom seminar at which you can be enriched by the readings from Luke and elsewhere in the Bible for the forthcoming Church Year C.  It is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Bible, discover its riches and deepen your spirituality.  There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and comments.

Led by the Revd Dr Robert (Bob) Derrenbacker, the Dean of the Theological School, and Dr Rachelle Gilmour, the Senior Lecturer in Old Testament at the School.

$30 | $20 concession (pensioners)

Bookings:  trybooking.com/BPVXW 

Alternatively, email theologyevents@trinity.edu.au or call 03 9348 7127

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