Week Beginning 27 September 2020

St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell

Weekly Electronic Notices 

Service (WENS)

Week beginning 27 Sept 2020-No 83


  • Our Church stays alive through the contact of its people with one another. Let’s please keep in touch with each other through our  groups and regularly uphold each other in prayer.  We have Zoom groups for prayer, morning tea and book group. The details are all under ‘Parish News’. Thank you for also remembering and checking in on your ‘buddies’.


  • A note from Warden John McKenzie on behalf of the Incumbency Committee.

Dear Parishioners.

The Incumbency Committee, charged with the responsibility of finding our next Parish Priest, has been called to the first meeting by Bishop Genieve Blackwell. The members of the committee are Chris Forte, Sally Cirulis and John McKenzie. The Committee would welcome your comments and thoughts on what you think we might look for in our next Parish Priest. We are required to observe strict confidentiality in relations to our deliberations, but we are permitted to invite comments from parishioners. Our contact details are: Chris Forte  0408894285, Sally Cirulis 0439889280, and John McKenzie 0405120133.  

  • We have come to the end of our theme of Creation. A particular shout-out to Trevor Blake for his inspiring reflections weekly and wonderful photographs that have enhanced his presentations. Thank you Trevor!
  • The 4th of October is St Francis Day and we will be having a Zoom Pet Blessing at 4pm. Please  book mark this time and join us with your pets! A Zoom link will be sent out closer to the date.
  • Would you like to be Confirmed? Roberta will be preparing some candidates for confirmation by the Bishop, date to be announced. If you would like to join the Confirmation Class please let Roberta know. The classes will be offered via Zoom. 
  • A reminder that daylight savings begins next Sunday 4 October. Set your clocks forward 1 hour before you go to bed on Saturday night!
  • Don’t forget our prayer wall in the church porch. You can use it to post prayer requests or pray for those already on there. Many people visit our church grounds and stop to read your prayers. So please feel free to add your prayer the next time you walk or drive past our church. Alternatively, email your prayers to Vicar Roberta and she will put them up on the wall.
  • If you would like to join in Morning Prayer via Zoom each Tuesday and Thursday with a small group, please contact Trevor at blakeandtaylor@gmail.com. All are welcome!
  • Zoom morning tea is on every week. Please join us for a cuppa and a chat every Sunday at 10.45am after online service.
  • There are many people in need and groceries are still being dropped off to Camcare. The next time you are at the supermarket, why not pick up a few extra cans of soup or some such like for those who need it. Please drop off your donations in the donation basket in the church porch. Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation if you wish. Please visit https://camcare.org.au. Thank you to Peter Wright for his help with transporting donations.
  • The Brotherhood of St Laurence https://www.bsl.org.au are also seeking donations. Many people are facing hardship, especially during this pandemic time and your donations would be appreciated and valued. You may also wish to donate to Anglicare who are also gratefully accepting donations. 
  • A massive thanks to Charles Povey who has been working with the Bendigo Bank to secure 3 iPads for our parish! Thank you Charles! These iPads will enable parishioners who have been unable to connect to our services or morning tea to be able to now do so. Wonderful!
  • Please continue to pray for each other from our updated Parish Prayer List.


  • As part of our child safety priorities, we are required to make available the Kooyoora Mission Statement in our newsletter. 

Kooyoora Ltd is an independent not for profit company that provides professional standards and other services to charities, including charities that are Anglican dioceses, entities, colleges and schools, to enable them more effectively to fulfil their charitable objectives. Their Vision is as follows:

Our Vision is to enable and manage–

a fair and independent process for complaint handling and screening for par ticipating organisations tailored to their circumstances that –

respects both complainants and respondents

upholds the standards and integrity of the organization, and

promotes the safety of children and adults with whom the organization en gages.

schemes for participating institutions to provide redress through an 

independent survivor focused, trauma informed, pastoral and therapeutic process.”

For more information, please visit https://www.kooyoora.org.au/


Faith groups promote ‘largest grassroots climate petition in Australia’s history’

By Stephen Cauchi for TMA

SEPTEMBER 21 2017 

About 25,000 people, led by faith communities, have signed an old-school pen-and-paper petition calling for the Australian Government to take stronger action on climate change.

The Community Climate Change petition was claimed by the organisers – including the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) – to be the “largest grassroots climate petition in Australia’s history”.

ARRCC President Thea Ormerod told TMA the strength of the petition was that it was an old-style hard copy petition, as opposed to a “slacktivist” online petition.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus collected signatures in 94 of Australia’s 150 electorates, ARRCC said.

The petition originally aimed at gathering 150,000 signatures, with all of Australia’s electorates covered.

It calls on the Government to take stronger action over carbon emissions, move towards renewable energy and support countries threatened by climate change.

To support the petition, leaders from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Quaker and Christian communities gathered on the lawns of Parliament House, Canberra, on 6 September.

They called for strong bipartisan action on climate change.

Philippa Rowland, the President of the Multi-Faith Association of South Australia, called on all governments to take swift action to reduce carbon emissions.

“Australian politicians from all parties bear the responsibility to work for the common good, and must swiftly work together to address climate change as a global emergency,” Mrs Rowland said.

Negaya Chorley, Head of Advocacy at Caritas Australia – which also supported the petition – said there was an “urgent need to take action”.

“The impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt across Australia and the world,” Ms Chorley said.

“These included extreme weather events of greater frequency and ferocity, an alarming depletion in our natural heritage including the Great Barrier Reef and drought induced famines affecting millions of people.

“This year is an important one with the Australian Government reviewing its climate change policies. The petition is an example of the widespread community support for stronger emissions targets.”

The petition was supported by a coalition of faith-based organisations that also included Catholic Earthcare, Common Grace, Edmund Rice Centre, Pacific Calling Partnership and TEAR Australia.




Keeping our resolve

23 Sep 2020 

In this week’s lockdown video, Archbishop Philip Freier reflects that a common topic of conversation in Melbourne these days is how many Covid cases the city had the day before. As the numbers continue to drop,  our expectations are rising that we may be able to accelerate through the Premier’s roadmap to lifting lockdown restrictions and emerge earlier.  The problem, as the UK is showing at present, remains the capacity for exponential growth in the rate of infection. We need to be resolved that the battle against the virus is one for the long haul. We must not be over-exuberant as lockdown opens up, but instead to stay measured and careful. For church people this includes the sacrifice of not gathering together in worship, which has been difficult and is likely to continue for some time. We must persist, maintaining our vigilance and our sacrifice.

See the video link below.P


Keeping our resolve