Week Beginning 25 October 2020

St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell

Weekly Electronic Notices 

Service (WENS)

Week beginning 25 Oct 2020-No 87


  • Recommencing church services at St D’s – the outside option.

Exciting times! The partial relaxation of lockdown restrictions means we can start to plan for live services again. From 2nd Nov we can have outdoor services for up to 20 people, plus celebrant. 

As we work out the details of how we can do this and comply with common sense, government and diocesan requirements, we need an indication of your interest. 

Subject to changes in the regulations, we are planning to recommence live services at 11am on Sunday 22nd Nov and Thursday 11 am on 19th Nov. 

On Thursdays we will limit it to 10 people, worshipping in the cloisters, and on Sundays, up to 20 people worshipping outside behind the church. We will need to ensure required separation of people and cleaning arrangements. Masks will of course be mandatory. We will continue with live streaming of the 9.30 am Sunday service. 

Please indicate by return email or phone 0478 404 179 and leave a message as the Vicar will be on holidays, if you would like to attend either on Thursdays’ or Sundays’ services, by 8th Nov, preferably earlier. If interest in attending services exceeds the limits, we will need to allocate places. People will only be able to attend with prior agreement. 

After the 8th Nov response date, we will refine the arrangements and advertise them on Sunday 15th Nov for start-up on 19th/22nd Nov. Please bear with us as we set all this up. 

Blessings, Roberta and the Wardens 

  • Our Church stays alive through the contact of its people with one another. Let’s please keep in touch with each other through our  groups and regularly uphold each other in prayer.  We have Zoom groups for prayer, morning tea and book group. The details are all under ‘Parish News’. Thank you for also remembering and checking in on your ‘buddies’.


  • Thank you to all the parishioners who participated in the parish survey and the zoom meeting. The Incumbency Committee received some useful comments and insights which we will be factored into the process for finding our next Vicar.
  • Please continue to pray for our Incumbency Committee as they undertake this important work of finding a new vicar for our parish. Please also remember Vicar Roberta in your prayers as she approaches her retirement from parish ministry.
  • Parish Annual Meeting. In view of the COVID lockdown arrangements and uncertainty about when we can get together in some form or other, the Annual Parish Meeting has been rescheduled to 29th Nov at 11am. Hopefully we can all meet together by then, but if not, the Diocese has issued guidelines for conduct of the meeting by electronic means. Could all groups who provide a report for the PAM please do so by 25th Oct to Chris Forte, (cjfortay@gmail.com). Please submit a report even if there has been no activity as this is important for our record keeping.
  • Parish Council has decided to cancel the Christmas Market this year. We are saddened we are unable to run this annual event but given the uncertainty of the current climate, we have little choice. 
  • Christmas Services this year will be the 5pm Crib Service on Christmas Eve and the Christmas Morning Service at 9.30am. Details of the format of these 2 services will be decided closer to the date when we know more of what we can and can’t do with Covid restrictions.
  • We will be having a Confirmation Service on the 6th December at 9:30 am with Bishop Genieve Blackwell. If you would like to join the Confirmation Class please let Roberta know. The classes will be offered via Zoom. 
  • Don’t forget our prayer wall in the church porch. You can use it to post prayer requests or pray for those already on there. Many people in our neighbourhood visit our church grounds and stop to read your prayers. So please feel free to add your prayer the next time you walk or drive past our church. Alternatively, email your prayers to Vicar Roberta and she will put them up on the wall.
  • If you would like to join in Morning Prayer via Zoom each Tuesday and Thursday with a small group, please contact Trevor at blakeandtaylor@gmail.com. All are welcome!
  • Zoom morning tea is on every week. Please join us for a cuppa and a chat every Sunday at 10.45am after online service. Please contact tania.nallathamby@bigpond.com if you don’t receive the Zoom link and would like to. 
  • Thank you to all who have contributed to our burgeoning Camcare donation basket. Bless you all!  Please continue to support this cause any way you can. Please visit https://camcare.org.au. Thank you to Peter Wright for his help with transporting donations. The attached is a thank you letter from Camcare with some extra detail about the fabulous work they do.
  • Please continue to pray for each other from our updated Parish Prayer List.


  • A message from our Child Safe Officer Max Farrar:

Following on from recent training and some Diocesan clarifications, our parish Child Safe documents have been updated.

We have a white folder on the welcome table which contains relevant policy and code of conduct documents regarding Child Safe and what to do if we have a necessity to make a report.

Posters have also been placed on the notice board with more to come from Kooyoora (Diocesan professional standards body) eventually.

Please ensure you update your Working with Children check cards when it’s time and advise Maxine Farrar when this has been done. All police checks will need to be renewed next year. Everyone will be contacted with the instructions.

Thank you in anticipation. Even though we’re not business as usual, our compliance requirements are. Luckily we’re on the ball. 

Again, thank you.

Maxine Farrar

Child Safety officer.

  • Important Numbers:

Child Safe Officer: Ms Maxine Farrar 0408 311 390

Police: 000

Child Protection: 1300 360 391

Kooyoora: 1800 135 246

  • As part of our child safety priorities, we are required to make available the Kooyoora Mission Statement in our newsletter. 

Kooyoora Ltd is an independent not for profit company that provides professional standards and other services to charities, including charities that are Anglican dioceses, entities, colleges and schools, to enable them more effectively to fulfil their charitable objectives. Their Vision is as follows:

Our Vision is to enable and manage–

a fair and independent process for complaint handling and screening for par ticipating organisations tailored to their circumstances that –

respects both complainants and respondents

upholds the standards and integrity of the organization, and

promotes the safety of children and adults with whom the organization en gages.

schemes for participating institutions to provide redress through an 

independent survivor focused, trauma informed, pastoral and therapeutic process.”

For more information, please visit https://www.kooyoora.org.au/


OCTOBER 21 2020


The October edition of The Melbourne Anglican (TMA) has been posted to parishes and subscribers, and is also available online. Please click here.

The November and December issues of TMA will be available by the second Sunday of each month, as is customary for what are usually our Synod and Christmas editions respectively. 

West Gate Bridge disaster still haunts the men who were there, 50 years on 

Plans for a memorial service on 15 October to mark the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the West Gate Bridge during construction, which killed 35 people and injured 18 others, had to be deferred due to coronavirus restrictions. Watch archival footage of the event, read the accounts of relatives of those who died and of workers who survived, and access the full report of the Royal Commission into the disaster, which said the events leading up to the collapse “moved with the inevitability of a Greek tragedy”.  

Obeying government and obeying God

Sydney’s Archbishop Glenn Davies considers what the Bible says about resisting curtailments to freedom because of COVID-19. “The Bible does not differentiate between good rulers and bad rulers, as if our level of obedience can increase or diminish depending upon our evaluation of the moral worth of the person over us,” he writes.  

Bishop who spoke out on Hong Kong protests elected as city’s next leader of the Anglican Church 

A Hong Kong bishop who challenged the conduct of both officials and protesters during last year’s social unrest has been elected as the next leader of the city’s 30,000-strong Anglican congregation, the South China Morning Post reports. Bishop Andrew Chan Au-ming, 58, will succeed retiring Archbishop Paul Kwong early next year. 

A new church grounded in meditation and committed to radical transformation

Anglican priest, theologian and author Dr Sarah Bachelard leads a new ecumenical church community, Benedictus Contemplative Church, which seeks to be a blessing to the world around it. A leading member of the World Community for Christian Meditation and keynote speaker at the WCCM’s annual John Main Seminar in Vancouver in August 2019, she reflects on what it means to be a church committed to transformation through the practice of silent meditation.

The floating church: inside the holy vessel bringing salvation to Hackney hipsters

The area around London’s Olympic Park is a regeneration hothouse with micro-breweries, tech startups, speakeasys and spas. Now their spiritual needs are being met – with a beautiful chapel on a barge

2019 parochial reports show continued decline and a ‘dire’ future for The US Episcopal Church

With every release of parochial report data – the statistics on attendance, membership and finances that every parish in The Episcopal Church must submit yearly – a picture of the denomination’s future comes gradually into focus. It’s not a holistic depiction of the church’s health or success, and it comes with many caveats — it’s difficult to infer much from one set of data, and some statistics conflict with each other. But the release of the 2019 data makes the picture clearer than ever: Even before COVID-19, The Episcopal Church’s days were numbered.

COVID hits North Korean refugees, labour camps

Although North Korea has reported zero COVID-19 cases, it is rife throughout the country and especially in the labour camps for prisoners, according to the mission for persecuted Christians, Open Doors. The resulting COVID-19 security crackdown has meant Christians and others suffering political persecution have been unable to flee the country.

Millions at risk of famine, says World Vision, urging greater response from nations like Australia

The Christian aid and development organisation said a “deadly mix” of the coronavirus pandemic, ongoing conflicts and natural disasters had combined to put millions at risk in countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Honduras, Haiti, the Central African Republic and Ethiopia.

The Living Word: Preaching resources for liturgical Christians

The Living Word is a new email newsletter from the editors of the Living Church, a US-based church magazine. It is designed for preachers, teachers, and anyone seeking to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Sunday lectionary readings. Published on Mondays, every issue of The Living Word includes a long-form reflection on the week’s readings, excerpts from classic texts, a relevant sermon, and helpful articles from the archives of the Living Church. 

One-off funding not enough for the aid budget

Working in aid and development for over 20 years, you wait with bated breath for what each federal budget will bring. The past four years have seen a series of cuts. This year seems like a good news story, with a much-needed one-off increase of $304.7 million to Timor-Leste and the Pacific for COVID-19 response and recovery.


Emergency Water for Vanuatu School

We’ve had no water for over a month!


The 30-year-old water pump at St Patrick’s College, an Anglican school in Ambae Vanuatu, finally stopped working on Sunday 6th September, and the tanks have remained dry.

This means there is no clean drinking water, and no water for hygiene and sanitation.

Staff and students have to go out each day to get water from nearby springs. The travel takes away from their studies and work, and exposes them to risks of injuries from carrying heavy loads over significant distances. There are also additional health risks from the consumption of contaminated water. 

The students and school community are no strangers to disaster. Students on Ambae were evacuated twice in less than a year, when the alert status for the Manaro Voui volcano approached its highest level in 2017, and again in 2018 when there was significant ash fall. Earlier this year in April 2020,  another disaster occurred, when category-5 tropical cyclone Harold passed through North and West Ambae weaving a destructive path.

There is untold trauma from dealing with ongoing disasters. And on top of all this, there are still the pressures of schooling, especially for students in years 10, 11, 12, and 13 facing important exams in November.

Help us to give emergency water to 293 students and 40 staff households for 12 days, while waiting for a new pump to be sourced, transported, and installed.  Donations are tax deductible

Give Emergency Water


They deserve better…



St Barnabas Hospital is a 40-bed hospital built in the 1940s in the remote Anglican Mission station at Dogura, Papua New Guinea. Many buildings are dilapidated, and the old equipment desperately needs replacing. 

Women and their children travel on foot for long distances – sometimes up to 12 days – to give birth or receive urgent health care at the hospital


The old bathroom facilities, which have been in terrible disrepair for years, are now no longer functional. The only current option for mothers is to use a pit toilet outside, 100 metres down the hill.

Your generosity will enable much-needed repairs to the bathroom facilities, specifically two toilet rooms with hand basins.


We have not forgotten you




Pictured: Bush nurse Anne receives fuel vouchers and pastoral care

Almost 10 months after the bushfires, our support keeps flowing…

ARDFA is working with the Gippsland Diocese to support the Revd. Cathy Turnbull in her dedicated role as Bushfire Recovery Chaplain. More funds have recently been sent to enable her to continue her role for the rest of the year.

“We are bringing healing and hope to those who are broken and are feeling there is no hope.The Revd. Cathy Turnbull.

Cathy reaches out deep into the community to give pastoral and material support, especially to cover gaps in insurance claims and other services.  Read more

(Pictured below: Thanks to you, new fencing has been provided for fire-affected farmers. Note: fencing is not covered by insurance.)


“Thank you ARDFA for helping us to be bearers of hope to these long-suffering fire-affected regions in the name of Christ and his church.” Bishop Richard Treloar, Gippsland Diocese