Week beginning 22 March 2020

St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell

Weekly Electronic Notices 

Service (WENS)

Week beginning 22 Mar 2020-No 57

Covid 19 Provisions

Dear St Dunstan’s friends, 

Due to the unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in there will be some changes to the way that we do things at St Dunstan’s.

The last Sunday services, for the time being, will be this Sunday. 8am will be as normal- though we will observe the distancing protocols. And 9:30am will be outside unless it is raining. All groups that meet at the church are also suspended.

None of this need stop us from being the church of St Dunstan’s. Our community will continue to love and care for itself and those around us. We will find different ways of being the people of God.

There are a few things that we have already put in place and there will be more to follow. The first thing that we have already begun is a buddy system. I am asking people, in pairs or triplets to ring each other each day or so, checking in on any needs, whether for shopping, prescriptions or a chat. I know many people have already formed partnerships but if nobody has rung you, please be proactive and ring somebody else. Please then pass anything back to me that I need to know.

The second thing is a Prayer Wall, in St D’s front porch. Please feel free to both pin a prayer request to the wall or to come and look and pray for others. I will be checking the Prayer Wall frequently.

In the next few days we will be linking people into prayer groups, and I will make up “Sacred Space” packs for people who would like them.

We are intending to post video content to this facebook page with prayers, readings and sermons and also links on our website to other churches streamed services.

There will be more coming as we begin to see what will be really helpful.

I will continue to say Morning Prayer and you can pray with me at home. 

We are a community built on love, God’s love for us and our love for each other. I pray that we might all experience that love over these next weeks and months.

Rev Roberta Hamilton

  • Church will go on just in different ways. Please see Vicar Roberta for any need you may have. You can find her on the church office number 0478 404 179. Please leave a message if you can’t reach her immediately.
  • WENS will continue to be one of the main ways that we disseminate information to our Parish. If you currently do not get this electronic newsletter, please let Tania know on 0438 622 899 or at tania.nallathamby@bigpond.com
  • It is our intention to live stream a modified online service in the hope that this will keep us connected in the temporary absence of meeting together in our beloved church building.  This will be though our Facebook page. We also intend on utilising our website better. Please follow   our Facebook page St Dunstans Anglican Church Group .https://www.facebook.com/groups/482613181793174/and bookmark our websitewww.stdunstans.org.au
  • As Vicar Roberta has said in her letter to the parish, we are implementing the buddy group system to ensure that we take care of each other during these difficult times. If you currently do not have a buddy, please be proactive and ring someone. Please let Roberta know who you are buddying up with.
  • The notice board in the porch will serve as our prayer wall. If you have a prayer need, please post this on the wall. There are pens and slips of paper on the bench underneath. If you prefer, bring your own pen. Roberta will be checking these regularly. Please also pray for those who have posted prayer requests. 
  • Morning Prayer will still continue with appropriate social distancing measures.
  • Small groups for prayer will soon be established and we will keep you posted with details.
  • If you currently contribute by cash to the open plate, please consider moving this to an electronic transfer or a direct debit set up. We want our church to survive this current crisis and we may not be able to do this if our giving falls away. If people can’t come to church and stop giving, our church may not be able to survive. 

Our banking details are as follows:

St Dunstans Anglican Church

    Bendigo Bank


    BSB: 633 000

    Account No: 1374 96667

  If you need help with setting this up, please contact Charles at      povey@hotkey.net.au

  • A note from Warden John McKenzie

Parish Finances

 There has been a suggestion that parishioners would find it helpful to have an explanation of parish finances in a style that resonates with them. That means parish finances showing where the money goes and from where the money comes, in some detail (eg the mission agencies we support, and a breakdown of fundraising activities to name but two categories). The versions of information would include at least the following:

·         Text format, that is straight numbers and  explanatory notes

·         Graphical format such as pie charts, bar charts or line graphs

·         A pictorial style

·         Oral and visual presentation

Thus we are looking for a good communicator(s) who can use their skills to put an information package together. If this is you or you have someone in mind, please have a chat with Vicar Roberta.