Week Beginning 28 June 2020

St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell

Weekly Electronic Notices 

Service (WENS)

Week beginning 28 June 2020-No 70

  • Due to the recent developments in Covid 19 restrictions, the Archbishop has encouraged us not to open our doors just yet. So we will continue as we have been for the past few months with live streamed services. Thank you for your patience and forbearance under these trying circumstances.
  • Morning Prayer will still continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.10am. Please join us if you are able. Appropriate  physical distancing rules will apply.
  • A message from Vicar Roberta:

     Hi everyone, I would like to announce a Zoom Book Club.

     Starting July 14th 4pm.

     We will be reading Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr (2011)

 You can get this on Kindle for $18.73 or from Booktopia in paperback for $17.25.

 There is also a companion journal available at Koorong for $19.95 though they don’t appear to have any books!

If you look on the internet there are heaps of resources available and you can see Richard Rorh talking about it on YouTube.

Please email Roberta on vicar@stdunstans.org.au if you would like to take part. I will then send you a Zoom invitation.

  • We will need young, fit people to volunteer with specialised cleaning once  church services commence. Please consider this act of service if you are able and communicate your willingness to either Bev Gruar, who will draw up a roster, or the wardens. 
  • We also need welcomers to welcome back people once services commence. Please consider this if your health is not compromised and let the wardens know.
  • The Camcare donation basket has been placed in the porch. The next time you are at the supermarket, why not pick up a few extra cans of soup or some such like for those who need it. Please drop off your donations and we will ensure they get delivered to Camcare. 
  • Trevor Blake is our Covid19 Safety Officer and is working through the processes needed to ensure we are as prepared as we can be prior to people coming back to the church premises. To that end, we need some people to join a small working group to write up the various procedures and agreements we have to prepare before we can have people physically attending church. If you could help with this please communicate with one of the wardens.
  • Trevor Blake is also facilitating Morning Prayer via Zoom each Tuesday and Thursday with a small group. If you are interested in joining that group you will need to download the free Zoom app on your computer, iPad or smart phone. If you would like to join please contact Trevor at blakeandtaylor@gmail.com
  • Vicar Roberta, as part of our St Dunstans day celebrations, has invited us to make a coloured paper/cardboard heart and write on it something you love about the community of St Dunstans.  Please post them in to Roberta or pop it in the vicarage letterbox and Roberta will do something very celebratory with them once we are able to come together as a parish community. Roberta has already shared some beautiful hearts people have sent in on our Facebook page. 
  • Please continue to pray for each other from our updated Parish Prayer List:

Pray for 5

Many of you have been encouraged and blessed by the work of N.T. Wright. He has written a number of wonderful resources for Thy Kingdom Come. Why not explore these once again or forward them to someone you know?

2019 Podcasts and Transcripts

Click here to find the 11 podcasts from Thy Kingdom Come 2019. You can find the transcripts for these podcasts by clicking here.

2020 Podcasts and Transcripts

Click here to find the podcasts from Thy Kingdom Come 2020. You can find the transcripts for these podcasts by clicking here.

God and the Pandemic

Tom has recently written a short book in response to Covid-19, titled ‘God and the Pandemic’.


Here is a short extract…

This is what it looks like, he said as he hung on the cross, with the words ‘King of the Jews’ above his head. A lot of the talk about ‘What is God doing in the Coronavirus pandemic’ assumes that God is ‘sovereign’, and it assumes what that ‘sovereignty’ will mean. Jesus, though, was unveiling a different meaning of divine sovereignty. This is what it looks like, he was saying as he healed a leper, or as he announced forgiveness on his own authority to a penitent woman. This is what it looks like, he was saying as he celebrated parties with all the wrong people. This is what it looks like, he was saying as he went up to Jerusalem that last time and solemnly announced God’s final judgment on the city, the system, and the institution – the Temple – that had refused God’s way of peace. This is what it looks like, he said as he broke bread on the last night with his friends. 

This is what it looks like, he was saying three days later to his astonished friends in the upper room. 

Unless we are prepared to see these events – the Jesus-events, the messianic moment – as the ultimate call to penitence, because they are the ultimate announcement of the arrival of God’s kingdom, we will be bound to over-interpret other events to compensate. There will be a vacuum, a Jesus-shaped blank, and we will fill it by saying (as Jesus had warned that people would say) ‘Look here!’ or ‘Look there!’ (Luke 17.21) 

NT Wright, p13.

You can find the book on Amazon by clicking here.

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ON A MISSIONe-news June 2020


If you have problems viewing the items, please visit ABM’s website www.abmission.org and Facebookpage



We would like to thank all those who have generously donated to our 2020 Tax Appeal.

As we come to the end of the financial year, we’d like to let you know that there is still time to support ABM’s COVID-19 Global Emergency Response Tax Appeal.

Your gift can make a significant difference to prevent the spread and reduce the impact of COVID-19 amongst ABM-supported communities.

Villages can get greater access to water and soap for handwashing, and some of the economic hardships resulting from lockdowns can be addressed by providing basic food parcels for those unable to purchase food. Fear of the virus can also be dispelled by sound health information.

For more information about the Tax Appeal or to make a donation, please visit our website.

By giving as generously as you are able, you can help ABM’s partners to help the most vulnerable communities.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

To read more or to donate to this appeal, see www.abmission.org/tax2020



Black Voices Matter! Bishop Chris McLeod, the Anglican National Aboriginal Bishop, recently gave ABM this interview in which he articulates a way forward for the church, based on attentive listening and genuine action. “We in the church have a blindness to our own racism…I want to say that if the church is really going to speak with integrity about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and speak with integrity about any issues around social justice, then we actually have to look at ourselves as well.”

To see Bishop Chris’ interview, please click here.

If this interview stimulates you to go deeper into a listening process with Australia’s First Peoples, why not get a small group together and study ‘A Voice in the Wilderness’, written by Celia Kemp with beautiful illustrations and commentary by Rev’d Glenn Loughrey?

To find out more about doing the study, please click here.




As well as reporting on the previous six months of her work with Walkabout Ministries under the challenges of COVID-19, Rev Gloria Shipp has announced that she has sadly had to step down from her role at the Orana Youth Justice Centre in Dubbo, as she is in a vulnerable group for COVID-19. She asks for your prayers that a suitable replacement will be found.

To read more about Gloria’s ministry report and plans, please click here and scroll down to the story.



It’s difficult to imagine something as globally devastating as COVID-19 having a silver lining. But ABM’s Effectiveness and Emergencies Officer, Dr Terry Russell, thinks it might just provide the impetus for a faster move towards the localisation of community development and emergency relief programs. Localisation can be described as local organisations claiming greater ownership over humanitarian responses and development cooperation, and the aid industry funding local actors to support locally led response.

To read more, and to learn about ABM’s own approach to localisation, click here.



ABM’s partner in Zambia has been adding COVID-19 messages to their existing messages about gender equality and ending gender-based violence. Community volunteers from ABM’s integrated Gender Project find that imparting these messages is especially important given the increasing economic hardship and school closures which have led some young girls into prostitution and early marriages. The volunteers say they are also able to calm real fears that people in remote communities have about the virus, enabling them to make better decisions, such as seeking medical help when they experience respiratory symptoms, and self-isolating as much as possible.

Click here and scroll down to read more of this story.



ABM and its partners place high value on a strengths-based approach to development and humanitarian work. This is where people tap into their existing skills and assets to solve identified problems. The approach has come into its own during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To find out more about why ABM’s Vanuatu partner was so well prepared for COVID-19, please click here.



ABM is delighted to announce that the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland has appointed the Rev’d Eron Perry as the new Chair of the ABM Committee in the diocese, replacing much-loved Interim Chair, Bishop Bill Ray. Eron is parish priest at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, and is passionate about justice. He is just one of a number of younger people within the Southern Queensland Diocese who sees great value in the ministry and mission of ABM and is actively helping where he can.

If you are interested in helping ABM in your region, please get in touch with your local Committee or contact ABM (info@abmission.org.au). 

To read more about Rev’d Eron, please click here.



This month, ABM’s Gifts in Wills Officer, Dr Ivan Head, reflects on ABM’s partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and what it might mean for us.

To read Ivan’s latest reflection, please click here.



ABM has received a new report from Bishop Jeffrey Driver, who is working with staff and students at Newton Theological College in Papua New Guinea to assist with practical and teaching support, even during this time of travel restrictions.

To read more about what has been happening, click here.



We continue to pray with and for all our partners during these challenging times:

Loving God,

We ask at this time of uncertainty and fear that you will comfort those who are ill, those who are bereaved, those who are anxious and stressed.

We pray for all who have lost their jobs, and particularly those across the world who now struggle more than ever to obtain the necessities of life.

We give thanks for all who are responding to great need, especially ABM’s partners in many parts of the world, and those who support them.

We make our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


To download or to read instructions on how to print out ABM’s monthly Partners Praying Together as a booklet, if your printer allows, click the link below. Or you can contact ABM by emailing denise.geddes@abmission.org.au to request a booklet.

To read more, click here.

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Anglican Board of Mission


A message regarding the Melbourne Anglican Foundation 2020 Annual Appeal

Dear friends

Thank you for the responses we have received to our 2020 Annual Appeal.  Your financial gifts are greatly appreciated.

As we wrote earlier this month Covid-19 is giving us, Christians, more opportunities to serve, care and love our neighbours.

Taking the words of Jesus to heart in Mark 12:31 ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ this year the Melbourne Anglican Foundation 2020 Annual Appeal is focussing on those

facing hardship. 

The brochure attached to this email gives three examples of some of the programs we are privileged to work with. 

You will also find a letter from Bishop Brad Billings, Chair of the Melbourne Anglican Foundation together with a response form.

You may choose to give online at: www.melbourneanglican.org.au/ServingCommunity/Foundation/Pages/Foundation by selecting the Melbourne Anglican Benevolent Fund.

Or, you may prefer to complete the response form and mail it to: Fiona Langton, Donor Management Administrator, 209 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Please give as you are able to the Melbourne Anglican Benevolent Fund.  All gifts over $2 are tax deductible.

We are so thankful to have you as partners as we love our neighbours as ourselves.

Warm regards



Nicola Templeton | Director of Development and Communications

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne | 209 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic 3000 | +61 3 9653 4277

ntempleton@melbourneanglican.org.au | www.melbourne.anglican.com.au


Postal address 209 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000.  The delivery address for Courier and Parcels is Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, 209 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000.