September 2019

St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell


September 2019

13th edition st dunstan’s anglican church Camberwell  


Trevor Blake – 12 March 1995

We are settled

and yet You call us forth

Our fields are green,

we have built houses of stone,

and yet You would have us abandon them.

Our feet, our legs,

our every joint and sinew resists.

We have already received Your abundance

and yet You call us forth.

~ ~ ~

Our caravan awakens to your call,

the decision made.

What is this land You beckon us to,

this promise You have made?

What is this desert we must cross?

How will we know when we have arrived?

~ ~ ~

We pause and the flowers open,

welcoming us to the place

of joy and challenge.

We smell the truth and the danger.

This is the blessing, calling us forth,

embracing us,

the greening of our desert.

Do not abandon us Lord.

Our September cover is a poem written by our very own Blake. Trevor that is. Trevor was inspired by The Call of Abram in Genesis 12 and he says “It spoke to me in a circumstance when my parish community had a major choice to make about its future – how to be a parish community.”

A Message from our Vicar, Rev. Roberta

I have been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. And even in a time of sorrow I have had much for which to be grateful. The love and support which has surrounded me has shown me the church at its best. I am also grateful for the ease of my circumstances, and for lack of regret which enables me to simply grieve. And I give thanks for the wonderful life of Stephen and his gifts to me and to others. I don’t want to sound like Pollyanna but I do give thanks.

And the gratitude itself is transformative, at least according to Diana Butler Bass. It changes me and the way I see the world. Gratitude isn’t always easy, however. Bass describes herself as a ‘gratitude klutz’. I have to say that I have found my ability to practice gratitude has grown as I have gone along.

The business of being grateful to God can also be subversive in our current climate. Isn’t that an interesting thought? I am planning to explore this idea, among others, when we start a Book Club in October. The first title will be Grateful: The Transformative (or Subversive) Power of Giving Thanks by Diana Butler Bass. I would love you to join me in this exploration.



St. Dunstan’s Mothers Union /Caritas is part of Anglican Mothers Union Australia, and the worldwide Mothers’ Union. The MU theme this year for our Melbourne Diocese is: Listen, Observe Act—In step with God. 

Mothers Union has 4,000,000 members in 83 countries. A worldwide fellowship of ‘Christians united in prayer, worship and service.’ Mary Sumner was the founder of ‘Mothers’ Union.’ She was born in 1828, and married a clergyman.  She wanted to encourage mothers in bringing their Christian faith to family life. Observing her eldest daughter becoming a mother, inspired her to get together a group of mothers, who first met in her home in Old Alresford, near Winchester, in 1876.

The meetings grew, and included women old and young, rich and poor. Then they grew further, throughout England, and also internationally. Mary Sumner and members advocated on important issues for families and children.   She died in 1921, and would have been amazed to see how her vision had become a movement of 4.000,000 members in 83 countries, living out their Christian faith, guided much by Mary Sumner’s journey.

Membership of Mothers’ Union is also diverse, and not confined to mothers. Although political and economic situations can vary greatly between countries, MU members can  have many things in common. They are trying to fulfil the aims of MU, help families protect children, meet the needs of people, be based in prayer, encourage children to grow up in faith based Christian households, meet the needs of those faced with adversity, help with literacy, education and health programmes, and be involved in social justice and peace initiatives.

There have been many social and other changes since Mary Sumner’s time, but many things can be considered still relevant and important. We try to support MU vision and values, supporting marriage and family life, and loving, respectful relationships; encouraging faith development; maintaining a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service; promoting societal conditions supporting families and protecting children; and helping those whose family life has met with adversity.

 Mothers Union has consultative status at the United Nations.

‘Caritas’, a caring, friendship group, grew out of Mothers’ Union, and St. Dunstan’s has had both a Caritas group and a Mothers’ Union group, for many years, and members could attend either or both. Several years ago, we decided to combine as one group. 

We have regular MU/Caritas meetings, excursions, speakers, activities, to which everyone is invited, such as visits to Bishopscourt, and the Carmelite monastery. We usually meet the first Thursday of the month,  from noon, with a B.Y.O. lunch for daytime meetings, but we also have some evening meetings.

As we have done for the last few years, we are inviting St. Dunstan’s parishioners to an Afternoon Tea in the Church Hall, Sunday afternoon, 27th October.

We often have items available to buy from the MU shop such as Christian literature and resources, cards, calendars, tea towels, and gifts.  We appreciate the generous parish support of sales, which supports MU.

Our St. Dunstan’s MU/Caritas members are involved with most aspects of church life,  helping in areas such as family ministry, giving support, and a gift to families having a baptism .We help with church services for aged care residents, are involved in a  knitting group at a local aged care place, in knitting beanies for Mission to Seafarers, rugs for people in need, making scrap books for residents with memory loss, ‘Joy bags’ for sick people,  welcoming newcomers and visitors,  and work to  keep the MU garden attractive and inviting. (Many thanks to those who recently assisted us with this.)

Within Australia, MU contributes  some funds through  the MU Northern outreach projects to support clergy, MU leaders, and training for indigenous women in the North of Australia; and gives aid if possible in times of crisis, such as in bush fires, floods, drought,

The Anglican Mothers Union Australia Overseas project this year has been ‘Developing  Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan’. Helping ‘MU train women in leadership and promote reconciliation in their communities.’ Each year during Lent, we invite the parish to take part in our “Count Your Blessings’, money raised going to an MU project.

There are some very inspiring stories from all countries, of what MU members do, and our ‘Families Worldwide’ magazine  keeps us up to date with what is happening, such as in Adelaide, MU has projects supporting mothers and children in need; in Ogoni Nigeria, MU is helping relieve poverty, with initiatives, such as in education and health care, eating healthily, clean water, agriculture and microfinance. In Burundi, the Literacy and Financial Education Programme is making a significant impact on gender roles, benefiting those involved. MU groups in England have helped provide accommodation for the homeless, and personal items, household goods and clothing for refugees.

Prayer is central with Mothers’ Union, and our MU worship and prayer includes: the Wave of Prayer; Special services, such as for Mary Sumner Day, Lady Day at St. Paul’s Cathedral;  Quiet Days, ‘Holding the Light ‘service. A prayer service is included at most MU meetings,

MU is Involved with social justice issues such as 16 Days of activism, (against gender violence).

You are very welcome to come to our meetings and activities. You are very welcome to ask us  about St. Dunstan’s Mothers’ Union /Caritas. We would love your interest and involvement, and we thank St. Dunstan’s for your support and encouragement. 

Rosemary Hicks.

References: MU websites, MU pamphlet, ‘What do we do?’, ‘Families worldwide’ Number 23 Issue 1.19, Number 23 Issue 2.19.



Recently we caught up with Michael and asked him what a typical day looked like. Here’s a snapshot:

9am: Trust Corporation meeting with Archbishop           and other Trustees.

10.30-2.30: In Chambers, advising on a corporate restructure, returning calls.

3pm: Meeting with Kooyoora Professional Standards.

4pm: Meeting with another religious denomination to discuss redress for sexual abuse survivors.

 5pm: Meeting with a prospective volunteer for Kooyoora.

5.30-7pm: Settling proposed legislation for October Synod

9.30pm: Settling proposed Synod legislation.

Michael Shand, one of our beloved parishioners, has practiced as a barrister at the Victorian Bar since 1980, a Queens Counsel since 1997. He has served in an honorary capacity as the Chancellor (Chief Legal Advisor) of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne since 2007, and is a Director of Kooyoora Ltd, an independent, not for profit company recently formed to provide professional standards services to charitable bodies and agencies. Its foundation members are the dioceses of Bendigo and Melbourne.

Michael also served as Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Ballarat from 2002 to 2010.

Michael is also a chartered Arbitrator and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Thanks Michael for giving us a glimpse into your (very busy) life!


There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes in the last few weeks. All of the Working Groups have now met and have put forward reports for Parish Council consideration on 12 September 2019.

 These reports detail how we will deliver the initiatives in our Mission Action Plan. Parish Council will approve Working Group’s operational plans and monitor their progress against these plans on a quarterly basis.

Thank you to all those involved for their time, effort and vision for our parish as we strive to serve God and our fellow humans.

Other Notices

Advance Notice – Preparation for Annual Meeting on 17 Nov 2019:

Could all leaders please arrange to have their report to the Annual Meeting of the Parish, prepared and submitted to Bev Gruar by 27th October 2019. Reports should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents please.


Paul is preparing the rosters for both the 8am and 9.30 services for the next 3 months (Oct-Dec). Could you please let him know your availability for this quarter. We are always looking for volunteers to add to our roster list, particularly as welcomers. Please let Paul know if you are willing to help. Paul’s email is

Where there are gaps on the current Sept roster, please bridge them where you are able.

Vicar on leave

Rev. Roberta will be on leave from 18th September until 13 October. Rev. Trevor Smith will be the Locum.


1 September 1998 Elizabeth LAWRENCE

1 September 1980 Albert SMITH

2 September 2004 Christina McKENZIE

2 September 1976 Nicholas WILLIAMS

7 September 1966 Ernest HOY

8 September 2012 John LAWRENCE

11 September 2004 Rita KNUDSEN

12 September 1977 John MOSELEY

15 September 2014 Pamela SIMMONS

17 September 2002 Marjorie GARDNER

18 September 2011 Gwladys ‘Tup’ ELDER

20 September 2005 Leslie McINTOSH

21 September 2000 Montagu TOWNS

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them, and may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and rise in glory.


1 September

Jeremiah 2:4-13; Psalm 81:1, 10-16-9, Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16; Luke 14:1-7,14

8 September

Jeremiah 18:1-11; Psalm 138:1-5, 12-18; Philemon 1:1-25; Luke 14: 25-35

15 September

Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28; Psalm 14; 1 Timothy 1:1-2, 12-19a; Luke 15:1-10

22 September

Jeremiah 8:18-9:1; Psalm 79:1-9; 1 Timothy 2: 1-10; Luke 16:1-13

29 September 2019

Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15;Psalm 91:1-6, 14-16; 1 Timothy 6:6-19; Luke 16: 19-31


Loving and faithful God,

We thank You for all we have and share as a parish community.

Continue to bless us, we pray, the people of St Dunstan’s.

May we be faithful stewards of your Word and Sacraments and committed to advancing Your Kingdom in the world in which we live.

Grant us discernment and wisdom, as we seek to do your will in this local community.

Equip us with what we need and enable us to utilise the gifts You provide to fulfil our calling.

Help us to grow – in faithfulness, compassion, commitment, humility and generosity – that we may serve You more fully.

These things we pray in Jesus’ name.


St Dunstans Anglican Church , Camberwell

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