St Dunstan's Anglican Church Camberwell


Support of Missions

The parish provides a range of practical and financial support to various mission activities, including:-

  • Christmas Bowl Envelopes for the National Council of Churches
  • Lenten appeal envelopes for ABM
  • Weekly and special Christmas and Harvest Festival food collection for Camcare
  • “Sock Sunday” – donations of socks, jocks and warm clothing
  • Craft Group gifts to Swaziland Mission and Seafarers Mission
  • Mothers Union support for African MU projects
  • Emergency Anglicord Appeals
  • Support for Bush Church Aid
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Anglican Overseas Aid
  • Anglicare Victoria
  • Australian Board of Missions
  • Refugees
  • Benetas
  • Samaritan’s purse

The parish is engaged in an extensive range of mission activities as follows:

mainly music©

This was established at St Dunstan’s in July 2008 and provides an excellent Christian outreach. We are supported by members of Caritas who assist with morning tea as well as three parishioners who bring their children to the session.  Our one session takes place on Wednesdays at 11am in the church itself.  We average 18-22 attendees each week (8-10 families).  We do little or no advertising except through our website and that of mainly music.  It is a very strong parish activity and we work hard to translate this membership into more commitment to the community as a whole by invitations to other parish activities.

Children’s Clubs

We run Christmas Club each year which are aimed at ages 4-8 year olds.  These are great outreach sessions which enable us to link in with families who seldom or never come to church otherwise.

St Dunstan’s Kindergarten

The kindergarten has two 4 year old groups, which meet through the week in the kindergarten building, and two 3 year old groups, which meet in the hall.  Michele Daniel is Director of the kindergarten and teaches the 4 year olds, with an assistant.  who teaches the two 3 year old groups also with an assistant.

Church and kindergarten have quite a lot of interaction.  The Vicar is President of the kindergarten committee,   Rosemary Hicks is church representative.  Both Church and committee enjoy a pleasant, effective relationship.  Church and kindergarten share and invite each other to different functions, such as our kindergarten service in August, children’s church with some of the kindergarten groups, the kindergarten Christmas Service, and  various social and fund raising occasions for each. Children enjoy talking about their experience of going to a church service, when they return to their kindergarten.


This is a group based in Ashburton which provides practical care to disadvantaged families, along the lines of Anglicare Victoria.  Parishioners donate food stuffs weekly which are taken to the Camcare facility for distribution.

Once a year on “Sock Sunday” socks and jocks are collected for distribution to the needy.

Ministry to the Elderly

This takes two forms.  The Vicar, accompanied by parishioners, regularly visits local aged care facilities for services of Holy Communion.  There is also a pastoral care activity with the Camberwell Gardens facility.  Each Thursday at 11am there is a service of Holy Communion attended by residents of Camberwell Gardens, preceded by morning tea.  This ministry,  is highly valued by the residents from Camberwell Gardens and some of their staff, and it has a special place for parishioners who assist in the organisation and also in the fellowship with our visitors. With an aging population there is much scope for the development of this ministry to the elderly.

Our Services

Sunday 8:00am:This early service follows one of the traditional orders of Holy Communion from ‘a Prayer Book for Australia’ .

Sunday 9:30am: Is another traditional service, without books – the service outline and responses is projected onto a screen for all to follow; this service also includes Sunday School for the kids. (During school holidays the Sunday School is in recess.)

First Sunday in the Month – a combined service at 9am, preceeded by breakfast at 8am

Open Church is (baby, toddler, family and everyone friendly) on the First Sunday of each Month,  From 4 – 6pm. 

We will be gathering, crafting, praying, singing, listening, learning talking, eating together. We hope you will be with us. It’s an all age, interactive service so there will be something for everyone.

Wednesday 10.30am: mainly music for pre school aged children.

Thursday 11:00am: a Holy Communion service preceded by morning tea at 10.30am.

The 8:00am Sunday Congregation

Is formed by a group of people, who come together at 8am on Sunday at St. Dunstan’s to participate in the service of Holy Communion.

This Eucharist follows a traditional prayerbook service that on most Sundays is from the second order of Holy Communion found in ‘A Prayer Book for Australia’.

We join together to hear the word of God from the bible, to learn from the weekly sermon and to discuss what is preached, to pray for the world, our country, our community, our church, those in need and the bereaved.

This is a wonderful time in our weekly cycle of life, to gather together and take time out of our busy lives in worship, quietly and reflectively, and to be empowered for the week ahead.

As we are also active members of the St Dunstan’s family, we participate in the regular parish events with the whole parish. As well there is a monthly breakfast, between the services on the second Sunday of each month.

Come and join us.

The 9:30am Sunday Congregation

The 9.30am Worship Service is all encompassing in its appeal to all ages in the local community.

This is also a Holy Communion Service including music and Sunday School.  Our aim is to reach out to the community through our worship, teaching, children’s ministries, broad ranging music, warmth and charity.  Following the Service we provide morning tea, after which our Singing Group ‘Viva Voce’ conducts its weekly practice.

Upcoming events at the 9:30am Worship Service are detailed under the Upcoming Events / Weekly Notices sections of this website.

Open Church Congregation;  First Sunday Monthly,  4 – 6pm. 

This is a monthly gathering, for all aged participation where crafting, praying, singing, listening, learning, talking, and eating all take place. It is an interactive time together culmination in a service and a meal when there is something for everyone.

Thursday 11am Congregation

This is our midweek service of Holy Communion.

This service welcomes a number of residents from a nearby aged care facility, who participate on a fortnightly basis.  It is also attended by a number of regular parishioners plus some who find that they can’t make it to the Sunday Services.   This is another one of our major outreach activities, and a time of great fellowship. We meet together at 10.30am for morning tea before the service.

If you are available on Thursday mornings come along and join with us.


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