If Common Grace were a Festival

Who and What Is Beyond Festival?

Beyond Festival is a celebration of community, justice, art and music. It lives Jesus’ teaching that love of God and love of neighbour are two sides of one coin, and it does this by creating a colourful, vibrant and temporary village community.

The Beyond Family is a diverse one – people of faith mix with those of none, musos and dancers rub shoulders with some of Australia’s leading thinkers and advocates, and toddlers through to grandparents create public art all around the site.

And, like all good festivals – and the teaching of the old book – we share bread and wine.

Throughout the festival, Common Grace will be hosting a conversation space with lounges, free coffee and space where all are welcome to share their stories and perspectives and find the common ground that brings us together. I’ll be hosting the conversation space over the weekend and would love a chance to hear your story and passion, so please swing by for a yarn.

WHEN: November 23rd to November 25th
WHERE: Kangaroo Valley Showground, NSW

Entry to the three-day festival costs $189 for adults and $142 for students. And $10 dollars from every ticket sold will go to gender violence prevention programs.

You can purchase your ticket for Beyond Festival  👉 https://beyondfestival.com.au/tickets/