Abundance – Weekly Notices

This page will contain articles from our weekly news sheet Abundance.

Notice of Change to Come:

Our new look Abundance will begin in July and we would like to showcase an artwork produced by a congregation member each month. This work can be in any medium but needs to be sent electronically to Stephen for inclusion.

(If that is difficult please ask Stephen if he can photograph the item).

We are celebrating God’s gift of creativity to each of us and anyone, young or old, is invited to submit an item. Children’s works will be very welcome. The work does not have to have an overtly religious theme. There will be a different work for each month.

The one criterion is that it must be your intellectual property not belonging to anybody else.

Roberta is also interested in poetry or prose suitable for reproduction but again it needs to be your intellectual property not somebody else’s work.
Please start sending things to Stephen immediately so that we can choose an image for the July Abundance.

If you wish to contribute an article or art work, please contact Stephen at srrdhamilton@bigpond.com